Windows 8 Won’t Let You Boot to Desktop

Arg. It’s like Windows 95 all over again. First, the new interface. Bleh. Then, the fact that you can’t boot to DOS. Bleh. Now, Windows 8 with it’s new interface (I kinda like it!) won’t allow you to boot to the Desktop. You have to start with the new Start Screen (can’t call it Metro anymore, either) and can’t work around it.

I am sure that a workaround will be released by someone. It’s just a matter of time. I’m not too surprised. It’s not really forcing it on you, as it’s not a required update. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Simple. Sure, Microsoft will lose a few customers to Mac (I’m sure 2 people will go to Linux!), but the majority will be happy with Windows 8 on a new PC.

One of those tweaks is the decision to block users from setting up their Windows 8 machines to boot straight to the Desktop, circumventing the tiled Start screen, formerly known as the Metro screen. (There’s still no external word as to how Microsoft is planning to rebrand "Metro." It seems the Softies are backing away from the Metro terminology due to pressure of some kind from Metro AG, one of its European retail partners.)