Microsoft to Discontinue MS Points

For those against the virtual money system with Microsoft Points, you’re in luck. There are rumors that Microsoft is phasing out it’s point system to purchase virtual goods. You will be able to now use real money on a credit card or debit card. Yes, this may be an inconvenience to some without the various cards, but should make things more uniform in the Microsoft world. Previously, Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox were three separate marketplaces, and only one would accept the Microsoft Points currency.

While the decision to eliminate Microsoft Points may seem to be a surprising move, Microsoft has been gradually introducing cash purchases to Xbox Live, the most popular platform where Points are used. It makes sense for the company to move to a single cash-based payment system, as it brings it in line with its app market competitors and eliminates a consistent criticism of the system — that the Points to dollar conversion ratio is not only confusing, but it forces consumers to purchase more Points than they actually need. The smallest amount of Points that a consumer can purchase at one time is 400, or $5 worth.

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