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  1. A suggestion for an improvement to Windows 10 on Surface hardware.

    A Surface Pro 4 with the Surface dock connected to two monitors in addition to the screen on the Surface Pro 4. One monitor has 4K resolution at approximately 183 ppi (24 inch diagonal), one 2K monitor at approximately 96 ppi (23 inch diagonal), and the Surface Pro 4 screen at 267 ppi. There is no display control that allows separate scaling on these three screens that takes into account the ppi of the individual monitors. The monitor may not self-identify its ppi so a feature to specify the ppi of the monitor should be added along with a new feature to scale differently across monitors.

    Without this feature the use of these three monitors creates unacceptable issues with window scaling and prevents efficient use of screen space. Fix this in both OS flexibility and if necessary in a future hardware version of the Surface product line.

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