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  1. My Dell laptop computer quit working – wouldn’t start up.  I took it to Best Buy and they said the mother board was shot and it would cost $300+ to replace.  I didn’t want to put that kind of money in a 4 year old computer so I just put it in the closet and forgot about it.  Well, two days ago, I thought what the heck and plugged it in and forgot about it.  Today, it had booted up and I had the password box.  I tried a couple of different passwords that I thought could have been it and no luck.  I’m sure I didn’t type in a password before.  Anyway, how do I reset the password to allow me to log on? It is Vista. Jane

  2. I have totally screwed up my vista home premium (deleted the recovery drive, too!) and I would like to re-install it (hopefully without having to delete all my files).  I never got a CD from Sony (Vaio) so I need a link to RE-load it.  I DO have a valid s/n# (it’s on the back of my computer).  Can you help me, please????  Thanks so much!

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