I just added more RAM, why won’t Windows see it? (Under 4GB)

I just upgraded to 2 GB of RAM. Why is Windows still showing 1 GB?

If you upgraded your RAM, and your BIOS shows the added RAM, but Windows does not, give this a try. This is different than is you are adding more than 3 GB to a 32Bit version of Windows.

1. Go to the Start Orb, type “MSCONFIG” (without quotes) in the search box and press enter.

2. Click on the “Boot” tab, then “Advanced Options”.

3. Uncheck the “Maximum Memory” box if it is checked. It may be checked and set to use your old amount of memory.

This is the most common reason I see memory upgrades go un-noticed in Windows (other than the 4GB Limit on 32Bit Windows!).