Disable Option To Install Updates on Shutdown

Windows updates are a necessity and need to be done to keep a stable a secure system. But, there are times when you want to shut your computer down quickly, not having to “Install Updates and then shut down computer”. There are times when you don’t care, and do want to update. So, why doesn’t Windows give you the choice? Well, follow these steps and it will finally give you the choice.

1. Open regedit (Start > type regedit and press enter).

2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdateAU. If it doesn’t exist, you can right click and create a new key (I had to create both the WindowsUpdate and the AU key).

3. Create a new DWORD (32-Bit), with the name NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption and modify its value to “1“.

4. Now you will have the regular Shutdown button as well as the Install Updates and Shut Down button. Some users like to have this control over their PC, and this gives it to you.