Set up a dialup connection in Windows

To setup a Vista dialup connection is very similar to XP. But, to find where to get started is different. Also, the command “inetwiz” has been removed from the OS.

First, you can go into the Control Panel, then Network and Sharing Center. On the left side panel, select “Setup a Connection or Network”.

Select “Setup a dial-up connection” and click “Next”

Enter the local telephone number to dial into your ISP. Then, enter your user name and password. If you think you made a mistake on the password, you can click “Show characters” to see the password in plain text. If you don’t want to type the password everytime you want to connect, check “Remember this password”. You can name the connection if you want, as well.

Finally, if you have multiple accounts on the machine, you can select “Allow other people to use this connection”. Click “Create”

The next window will show that your internet connection is ready to use!