My Recycle Bin is gone! How do I get it back?

How do I get my Recycle Bin back?

A very common mistake in Windows Vista is accidently deleting your Recycle Bin instead of emptying it. There are both options when you right click the Recycle Bin, and it happens more often than you think.

You can get it back, though. Just follow these few steps.

Right Click on your Desktop and select “Personalize”.

In the left pane of that window you you see the Tasks. Click on “Change desktop icons”. In there you will see the option for Dsktop icons. Recheck the box next to “Recycle Bin”, click “OK” and close the Personalization window. You will have restored your Recycle Bin.

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  1. What about the millions of non-Vista users? (Don’t you just love it when someone posts a “solution” that only works for a very small percent of the users in the world?)

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