Will Microsoft Listen to Consumers Backlash?

I’ve been seeing a 90/10 split between those who absolutely hate the new MetroUI on Windows 8 to those that either don’t mind it or that love it. Within Microsoft’s own forums, there are so many people in there that are having some absolutely horrible to say about being forced to use the new UI. While I don’t hate it, I don’t like it on a mouse/keyboard desktop. I absolutely love using it on touchscreen computer, though.

Although I don’t mind it, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that use PC’s as tools and aren’t PC enthusiasts. How do they fare? Check out the link to Chris Pirillo’s Dad using Windows 8.

Metro and the Desktop are essentially two different operating systems incompletely bolted together. Sure, techies can figure out how to navigate between the two interfaces, but other people will have a hard time. If you need any evidence of that, you only need to look at a video that Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome made of his father trying to use Windows 8. His father accidentally sends himself to the Desktop and tries to get back to Metro, and is thoroughly confused. When he finds out that Microsoft puts out Windows 8, he asks his son: "They trying to drive me to the Mac?"

  • There are just two replies to the new UI
    1. OMG I love it
    2. Whats this mess out here? (Believe me I just wanted to write this only)

    There’s no mid way for those who just want everything same as it was at the time of Adams. There’s nothing much different, you frequently run a program, pin it to the home screen on the metro UI else on the metro UI just start typing the name on the home screen. Its that simple and with time you will evolve because I may be an Engineer but I firmly believe Darwin’s theory is correct.

    •  I don’t know. It isn’t horrible, but it just isn’t great, IMO. I love it on touchscreen. Absolutely genius UI. But on the desktop, it is forcing me to change my simple habits. I was so used to the Start menu that it’s difficult to switch to something else. It was clearly designed for touchscreen and it does it very well, but with a mouse it is lacking the smoothness. It works, and you can use it, but you have to throw away a lot of your old habits and learn new ways (well, they existed in Windows 7 and previous, I just didn’t use it that way).

      Metro apps are wonderful, the MetroUI is beautiful. Navigating and finding what I need is what is slowing me down. Nostalgia? Probably, and I admit that I am very used to the Start menu – I’ve been using it for 17 years. It’s just a HUGE change that many people won’t give enough time to get used to. I’m a Windows fan, so of course I will. But, many people don’t care what they use – as long as it’s easy and it works.

      • Finding something was never easy before Windows 8. Just start typing on the home screen and thats it.