Windows Server: 18298

The latest Windows Server build for Insiders is build 18298 and has been released today. What’s new in this semi-annual release?

What’s New

  • In this preview build we are adding support for Network Policies using Tigera Calico for Windows Containers.  The latest Tigera Calico for Windows bits are included in Tigera Essentials — for access to the latest release, contact Tigera by email at

  • We’re releasing the full set of 38 server language packs to Insiders for the first time. Use DISM or LPKSETUPcommands to install on Windows Server core. Language packs will only install on a matching build.

  • We have new innovations in networking that we will announce in the early new year, please stay tuned.

  • The expiration date for this preview is July 5th, 2019.