MSTechpages was founded in 2005 as VistaRIP.com to bring you news on Microsoft’s newest operating system: Windows Vista. Since then it has grown to become a repository for Vista, Windows 7, XP, Office and Xbox knowledge, ’how-to’ informational articles, book reviews and more. We have even started expanding the site to include Microsoft products as a whole. We are dedicated to bringing you the most current news available, FAQ’s and How To section. Since the site is becoming broader in the Microsoft realm, we decided to rename the site MSTechpages.

We are always looking for new contributors to help with the site, as well as any suggestions you may have to make MSTechPages.com a better place to visit on the web.

About our Contributors


Dustin Harper Head Editor, News Poster, Webmaster, Microsoft MVP

dustin_msftDustin is the big cheese here at MSTechpages.com. He started the site wanting to help other users of Windows Vista, 7 and XP. He is very active in the Microsoft public newsgroups (Microsoft Answers, Technet), as well as many other forums on the internet. He loves Microsoft software, but also gives other products well deserved respect (loves to play around with Linux, BSD). He is CompTIA certified as well as certified by Microsoft as a MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist) in Windows Vista Configuration, Windows 7 Configuration and MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) in Windows Vista Consumer Support Technician. He is also working towards the MCSA. All those letters basically mean that he’s had the experience with Windows Vista/7 and proven to Microsoft that he can do a few things with it! He is currently working towards earning his B.S. in Information Technology. He also writes a monthly article in the local county newspaper about various computer topics. He goes by several different monikers online including Dustin, PC509, Ur_Mom (only on [H]ardForum), among few others. He had released a couple of free ebooks on Windows 7, simple keyboard shortcuts and simple malware removal on Windows.

One upcoming project is writing his first book, focusing on (of course!) Windows Vista and Windows 7. Many people know that Microsoft’s operating systems have their quirks and annoyances. The book is going to try and work through these with the user, giving them the knowledge and tips to effectively use their computers to their full potential. Wow. That kind of sounded like a marketing pitch!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on this site or via email.