Developer Preview Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 Developer Preview is out, and as usual there are those out there that are very efficient with keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of known shortcuts for the preview. There may be more, which will be added as they become known.

Edit: Here is an updated PDF or XPS page with the new Windows 8 Shortcuts (for Consumer Preview & Developer Preview)

Key Function
Windows logo key+spacebar Switch input language and keyboard
Windows logo key+Y Temporarily peek at the desktop
Windows logo key+O Locks device orientation
Windows logo key+V Cycles through toasts
Windows logo key+shift+V Cycles through toasts in reverse order
Windows logo key+Enter Launches Narrator
Windows logo key+PgUp Moves tiles to the left
Windows logo key+PgDown Moves tiles to the right
Windows logo key+Shift+. Moves the split to the left
Windows logo key+. Moves the split to the right
Windows logo key+F Opens File Search App
Windows logo key+C Opens Charms Bar
Windows logo key+I Opens Settings charm
Windows logo key+K Opens Connect charm
Windows logo key+H Opens Share charm
Windows logo key+Q Opens Search pane
Windows logo key+W Opens Settings Search app
Windows logo key+Z Opens App Bar
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  • P_derockere

    Windows logo key+R        Opens Execution  to give the command regedit

    change “RPEnabled” from 1 to 0 -> Shutdown -> Restart -> Now you have the old startmenu