Insiders Creators Update Bug Bash

The February bug bash for the Creators Update has begun. This time, it lasts about a week, going until Sunday February 11th. Go try out some quests, file some feedback, upvote issues that you share with others, and have fun. This is for the most recent fast ring build of Windows 10.

Also, there is a couple live Beam webcasts which should be fun.

We have lots of opportunities for Windows Insiders to participate in this Bug Bash. We are planning two live Beam webcasts with Insiders and some special guests from the Windows Insider Program. Our first live webcast will be Tuesday, Feb 7th from 2-4pm Redmond time with guest appearances by Dona Sarkar and Bill Karagounis. Our second live webcast will be on Saturday, Feb 11th from 7-9pm with a guest appearance by Gabe Aul. During these webcasts, engineers from the Windows Engineering Team will be running through quests live on Beam and on their own PCs. You can get to the Beam webcast through this link.

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Windows Insiders Fast Ring Build 15019

The Windows Insiders team have released a new build for PC users of Windows 10 that are on the fast ring. This one has quite a few updates, but a big warning: some bugs will impact your gaming abilities! These are unrelated to the Game Mode, and it’s sad that these bugs surface when the Game Mode is released. However, I’m sure it will be a fixed issue next release (I hope!).

  • Game Mode: With Game Mode, it’s our goal to make Windows 10 the best Windows ever for gaming. Our vision is that Game Mode optimizes your Windows 10 PC for an improvement in game performance. To enable Game Mode, go to Settings > Gaming > Game Mode toggle the feature on. Doing this will give you the ability to enable the feature for each UWP and Win32 title you play by pulling up the Game bar (Windows + G) and the clicking the Settings button. There you’ll be able to opt individual games into using Game Mode. (See below for an known issue regarding Game Mode in this build.)

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Build 15014 for PC & Mobile Insiders Fast Ring

Build 15014 for both PC and Mobile have been released to Fast Ring Windows 10 Insiders. A new e-book store is available, with Edge being the e-reader application. A lot of fixes and small additions this build!


After purchasing your e-books – you will find those in your Books library, which is a new hub entry in Microsoft Edge right next to your favorites, history, downloads and reading list. Windows Insiders in the US get to try out this experience today starting with this build and we expect to add more content over time.

  • Interactive reading experience: To navigate through an e-book, you can use the table of contents or seek bar at the bottom of the browser. You can search for words or phrases and ask Cortana to define specific words and view embedded video and audio content. And of course, pick up where you left of and leave bookmarks on the most interesting pages. You can even read your books when offline.
  • Learning tools: You can widen text spacing to improve reading fluency and benefit from typography tailored to reading efficiency.
  • Customize for you: Microsoft Edge is built for reading digital content on Windows 10 devices. You can make the reading experiences yours by changing the font and text size, themes, navigation control and more.
  • EPUB support: In addition to PDF files and books purchased via the Store – you can read any unprotected e-book in the EPUB file format with Microsoft Edge.
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Build 15007 for PC and Mobile

Users on the Fast Ring on Windows 10 Insiders can download build 15007 for both PC and mobile. Seems we just had a recent build come out…. I’m not complaining!

[Coming Soon] Download themes for your PC from the Windows Store (PC): In Build 15002, we introduced the new themes settings page in the Settings app. Soon, you’ll be able to go directly from the themes setting page directly to the Windows Store to download new themes for your PC! This isn’t working yet in today’s build and you’ll see a Store icon that does nothing at the bottom of the themes setting page. However, you can go to the Store page for themes here to try out downloading themes from the Store.

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New Build for Fast Ring – 15002

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Windows 10 has a new build for fast ring insiders. Quite a few updates to the browser Edge. Folders within the Start Menu tiles. Cortana, and a lot more. This is a good sized update!

Windows Theme Management in Settings: As we’ve mentioned in the past, one of our ongoing efforts is to consolidate Settings and Control panel, and we use your feedback to prioritize the convergence into Settings. We’re happy to unveil the next piece of this project: Management of themes has now moved out of Control panel and in to the Settings app. It can be found, along with all your other familiar personalization options, under Settings > Personalization. Pick one of your recent themes, or create and save custom new ones. How would you like to see Settings evolve next? Let us know in the Feedback Hub!

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CMD is not going anywhere

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Previous reports of the CMD.exe program being removed from Windows 10 and being replaced by Powershell are false. The command line is used my many many people, and is used by various scripts and is required for many things. Powershell does support a lot of the commands, but the cmd.exe is too widely used to be thrown away.

Glad to hear! I was really thrown for a loop on how that would work.

The Cmd shell remains an essential part of Windows, and is used daily by millions of businesses, developers, and IT Pro’s around the world.

In fact:

  • Much of the automated system that builds and tests Windows itself is a collection of many Cmd scripts that have been
    created over many years, without which we couldn’t build Windows itself!
  • Cmd is one of the most frequently run executables on Windows with a similar number of daily launches as File Explorer,
    Edge and Internet Explorer!
  • Many of our customers and partners are totally dependent on Cmd, and all it’s quirks, for their companies” existence!
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Windows 10 on Snapdragon Processor

Microsoft has shown a video that shows off Windows 10 running on the ARM powered Snapdragon processor. This is great for low cost, low power tablets and devices (perhaps a Surface Phone in the future?). It even offers the ability to join a domain as well as run x86 applications via emulation. 


Windows 10 on Snapdragon Processor
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Windows Insiders Build 14986 is released

Build 14986 is coming down the pipeline for Fast Ring insiders of Windows 10. Some very nice additions this build. Especially if you’re a fan of Cortana. I think this is starting to fit in more with the connected home Microsoft is starting to implement. Check out the blog post for the large list of other great features this build.

  • Turn off your computer, change volume with voice commands: Being able to control your computer with just your voice is one of the top requests we get with Cortana, so we’re excited to say that we’ve added several new features to Cortana that let you do just that. Now you can shut down your PC just by asking Cortana. You can also restart, lock, or put the system to sleep, and raise and lower your system volume with just your voice. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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