Microsoft’s New Mouse

Microsoft has a new mouse on the scene, with a radical new design. It would probably take some getting used to, and it’s not for everyone, but it does have a nice appeal to it. It does look like it would be a lot more efficient for graphic designers without a tablet to do fine lines.

It’s called the “eVouse” and sports a green LED light whenever in use and by flipping it over and grabbing it like a pen it changes character and instead of working as a mouse, it starts working as a pen instead. The grip is somewhat freaky in the beginning, I can imagine, but it’s one of those things to get used to. Do you remember the first time you ever used a mouse? Well, I could foresee that it’s probably the same thing.

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3D Technology Bought By Microsoft

Microsoft has acquired a new 3D sensing chip designer, Canesta. Kinect could be the new beginning of 3D interaction with your video games. Call me old school, but with MOST games, I prefer a standard controller. I’m sure they could design games that work better (exercise games, especially) with the 3D interaction, but FPS’s and platformers will never be better on it for me.

Canesta’s principal products are 3D image sensor chips which form the heart of Camera Modules which may be integrated into electronic end-use products from cars to personal computers. Designed to the specific requirements of a given application or set of applications, Camera Modules made with Canesta’s 3D image sensor chips are small and cost effective in high volume

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Microsoft Consumer Brand is Dying…

CNN reports that the Microsoft consumer brand is dying. With Windows running at 90%+ market share, the XBox 360 performing excellent, Windows Phone 7 just released, Windows 7 selling record amounts, and on and on… Reading comments from around the web from anyone with an open mind, not biased (Apple fans are laughing), they are saying “What?! CNN is uninformed.”. I just have to say that their opinion is slightly off from reality. They may not innovate (Yea, Kinect is old school…), they may not have very much market share in the consumer market (Windows with 90%+), and their server products suck (a lot of enterprises don’t seem to think so), overdue on tablets (the medical industry uses them very successfully, iPad wouldn’t be viable in that situation)… CNN, you need to send back the check Steve Jobs sent you. The whole bashing Microsoft is so cool trend is over. Long over.

It’s not like Microsoft didn’t foresee the changes ahead. With a staff of almost 90,000, the company has many of the tech world’s smartest minds on its payroll, and has incubated projects in a wide range of fields that later took off. Experiments like Courier (tablets), HailStorm/Passport (digital identity), and Windows Media Center (content in the cloud) show the company was ahead of the game in many areas — but then it either failed to bring those products to market, or didn’t execute.

UPDATE: Microsoft’s answer to the article: #notdeadyet.

Frank Shaw, the Redmond company’s vice president of corporate communications, is fighting back on Twitter by pointing out the areas where the company sees strength or new momentum in its consumer businesses. He’s using the hash tag, #notdeadyet, in hopes of making his ad-hoc social media campaign go viral.

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Barrage of Kinect Commercials Coming

Microsoft, even with the shortage of Kinects this holiday season, are feeding the hype machine by putting out several commercials as part of a $500 million ad campaign. I do want one, but I am going to wait until the hype dies down, and they go for less than retail on Craigslist or eBay. No sense paying 4 times as much as retail just to have it before the neighbors.

“The key challenge for Microsoft Xbox at this point in the console lifecycle is to reignite stagnating Xbox 360 sales and that is easiest done by expanding and extending the Xbox footprint beyond the hardcore gamer segment,” wrote Martin Olausson of Strategy Analytics this Summer when the Kinect was unveiled. “Hence it is focusing on the social gamer segment with the Kinect platform. Strategically we believe Xbox has made the correct decision in focusing on non-traditional segments with Kinect (while at the same time strengthening the roster of hardcore games to appease the traditional segment) as this approach has the greatest potential for expanding its console footprint.”

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Microsoft Sells 30 Copies of Office Each Minute

Microsoft has stated that they are selling 30 copies of their very popular Office suite every minute. Being the required software in a lot of college courses, as well as a LOT of businesses and homes, it comes as no surprise. Another awesome sales statistic from Microsoft this week. They have definitely gotten over the PR error that was Windows Vista.

Microsoft Office is a staple product that dominates the landscape. Nearly every major corporation uses the productivity software to get its business done fast and effectively. According to a Microsoft PR email, Office 2010 now ranks as the fastest-selling consumer version of Office in history. To date, more than 6 million copies have been sold which averages out to 30 copies sold every minute.

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Riskiest Product Bet For MS: Windows 8?

Steve Ballmer has said in an interview that the next version of Windows will be their riskiest product yet. Let’s hope it is as revolutionary as they claim. I’ve been waiting!

But when we saw the leaked Windows 8 slide deck which looked to be from Microsoft (dated April 2010), the supposed early feature set concepts for Windows 8 looked solid, but weren’t anything I’d call “risky.” Fast startup, facial recognition as a security option, better support for slates, a possible app store — all good, but not amazing. The one feature on the list that might be considered remotely risky (mostly in terms of the ability of Microsoft to deliver it)? Push-button reset, which allegedly would reinstall Windows while maintaining all of your personal files, applications and settings.

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Windows 7: One Year Later

Windows 7 was officially launched to the public October 22nd, 2009. Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the launch. So, how did it do in that one year? Extremely well, I’d say, with 240 Million licenses sold. Congrats, Microsoft, and Happy Birthday to Windows 7!

“I think Windows 7 has exceeded expectations,” said Gavriella Schuster, general manager of Windows Product Management. “People from the very beginning have had an optimistic forecast. I actually felt in the beginning we needed to temper expectations a bit… but a year later, we’re on track. We’re right where we thought we would be. It’s been a good year – it’s a year to celebrate.”

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Windows 1.01 Running On DOSBox

I’ve done this myself a while back, and had fun with it. Compared to current operating systems, it is a pile of… Well, you know. But, it sure does bring back some memories of times gone by.


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Chat With Us At Microsoft Technical Chat

Today at 10:00am PST (11:00 MST), meet up with friends, colleagues, and new faces at a Microsoft chat. Up for discussion is Windows 7, Office 2010, and other general discussion. Should be very informative for all! Hope to see you there!

Would you like to learn more about the cool new features in Office 2010 and Windows 7 and what has changed since previous versions? Do you use Microsoft Office but would like to learn tips and tricks to be more productive at home, school or at work? Perhaps you are a new user who has questions on how to get started with Windows 7 or using the Office ribbon? Or would like to learn how to protect your computer from malware and viruses. Or perhaps you are just stuck and need answers. The Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are here to help! The MVPs are the same people you see in the technical community as authors, trainers, user groups leaders and answerers in the Microsoft forums. For the first time ever we have brought these experts together as a collective group to answer your questions live. MVPs will be on hand to take questions about Microsoft Office 2010 or Office 2007 products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Project, OneNote and more. As well as the Windows 7 and earlier versions such as Windows Vista. In addition to Microsoft Office, the chat will cover Windows related topics such as upgrading, setup and installation, securing your PC, Internet Explorer, personalizing your computer desktop or having fun with Windows Live Essentials to share photos, make movies and more. All levels of experience are welcome from beginners and students to intermediate power users. Please join us for this informative Q&A style chat and bring on your basic and your tough questions!

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