Microsoft’s New Tagline: Be What’s Next

While a new tagline isn’t really big news, I think that the first comment on the post hits it spot on. Microsoft has really lost it’s personality lately. I’ve never really thought much of Bill Gates, just never a fan, but he was excellent at bringing up Microsoft. It used to be the brand to hate because of Mr. Gates, their innovation, their personality. Now, it’s hard to pinpoint what Microsoft is all about. They really don’t have a clear vision of where Microsoft is or where they are going, or even who they want to be as a company. Perhaps a visit to the Microsoft campus in Redmond could change my mind.

A lot of companies have tarnished their reputation in many. Outsourcing their support, releasing mediocre products and updates, and just no sense of appeal anymore. Sure, the economy is messed up and they are trying to make money, but sacrificing company values isn’t worth it. I’d like to see company mission statements and how they’ve changed since the companies beginnings.

The quote below is the first comment.

Daniel Kornev

November 7, 2010 at 8:30 pm

Microsoft should really be “what’s next”, not just create a tagline. Tagline is too bureaucratic, and doesn’t reflect real feelings inside the company IMHO.

Still, to have something “real” instead of that tagline, Microsoft needs to have an exceptionally great technical visionary leader. Like Bill Gates, or Sergey Brin, or Larry Page – a someone who will set up a high-level mission, and will build a company, its organization around that mission; will build up an organization around a shared dream.

Eventually, not around money but around dream. Of course there will be money inside, but the big dream will attract great people. No big dream – no great people – no great results.