Windows 7 3D Advances

Windows 7 is only one month away from widespread public release, and people are starting to get excited. TechARP takes a look at how Windows 7 improves on the graphics processor. They also take a quick look at how multi-GPU support is improved with Windows 7. I know a few of you readers are avid gamers, so this should be of interest to you. I am still spec’ing out a machine with 3 GPU’s, 2 in SLI and 1 for physics. Windows 7 should play nicely with that setup.

Beta testers have so far been very impressed with Windows 7. It’s fast and it’s stable. One of the reasons is the improved graphics capability in Windows 7. Microsoft seemed hesitant in utilizing the full capabilities of the graphics processor in Windows Vista, which was a real shame. Windows 7 changes all that, and that’s what we will be talking about today.