Should MS Push MSE Through Windows Update?

Windows 7 News has a nice little piece on whether or not to push Microsoft’s new Security Essentials through Windows Updates. While I agree with him that it should be pushed (as an optional download, of course), I don’t agree that it won’t happen. I think that Microsoft will put it on Windows Update. There are too many users out there without any protection, and this would allow them to install something. Although, if they don’t have any virus protection, I’m not so sure they’d do the optional updates, either. I did find out something new, though. As I always put anti-virus software on my new installs first thing, and definitely before I go online, I’ve never seen the screen that he shows when you aren’t running any AV software. Nice addition, I do say myself. Of course, if they do include it in MS updates, I wonder how many companies would cry foul?

First of all we should look at the differences between XP and Vista on the one side and Windows 7 on the other.