Is Apple Targeting Windows 7 Pirates?

So, this guy thinks that Apple may be buying Google ad space to target specific searches. Those dealing with pirates trying to download the new Windows 7. While I don’t believe his conclusion, it does appear that Apple is going for the Windows 7 upgraders. But, why would you spend MORE money to upgrade to an Apple? You can’t just buy the OS and put it on your PC. You have to buy a machine that costs twice as much as the sum of it’s parts (and a lot more than a prebuilt PC), then add the OS to that… Yikes. No thank you.

Has Apple decided that among its top potential customers for switching to a Mac are Windows 7 pirates? Based on ads that Apple is buying on Google that might be the case — search for “download Windows 7” and you’ll see an Apple ad urging PC users to switch to the Mac. But search for “buy Windows 7” and you’ll see no such ad.