Windows 7 Complains Still Exist

As much as I really love Windows 7 (hey, I loved Vista as well!), it isn’t without it’s problems. I’ve only had very minor issues, mostly from third party applications and drivers, others have had more severe problems. I’ve seen my fair share of issues helping others on various forums and newsgroups, so I know they exist, and I know that the majority of them are fixable. This article outlines some of the major issues and shows that Windows 7 isn’t perfect…. That’s being saved for Windows 8…. Right? 🙂

Windows Vista was the “new big thing” for Microsoft and while people liked it, it still had its fair share of complaints. That is why Microsoft developed Windows 7, the newest OS for the company. Windows 7, which was released in late October, opened to much fanfare. However, like all other previous Windows upgrades, bug complaints have already started coming in.

Update: Looks like the article was ripped from Yahoo (… The author of the above article didn’t cite his sources on that one, so I wanted to update the true author of the article: David Goldman. While not a 1:1 rip, it is definitely an obvious rip. Some of the sentences are spot on copies, while others try to change a word or two…