Microsoft Yahoo Deal OK, Says DOJ

For those of you following the Microsoft/Yahoo alliance, the Department of Justice has said that it won’t hurt consumers or advertisers. Good news for many. I’m just hoping it helps with innovation and can bring some more competition into the advertising market. The internet advertising has pretty much crashed to rock bottom, but it should make somewhat of a recovery. Do you click on advertisements you see online? I try to support the sites I visit by clicking the ads. Many times, I know a site advertises a certain company, and will go out of my way to visit that site just to click the ad before I make my purchase. Helps out the site, and I was going to make the purchase anyway!

The antitrust division added the deal “is not likely to harm users of Internet search, paid search advertisers, Internet publishers or distributors of search and paid search advertising technology” and “likely will enable more rapid improvements in the performance of Microsoft’s search and paid advertising technology.”