Not Enough Choice?

Wow. Most of you recall that Microsoft caved into the EU’s demands to add a browser alternative selection on Windows, so they aren’t “forced” to use Internet Explorer as a default browser. This guy, Mr. Quick thinks that it’s not enough choice. You have IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and a few others. The others, he claims, are based on Internet Explorers rendering engine. Huh?!? You can’t win with some people.

“The aspect of a browser that decides what bit to put where on the page, that’s the rendering engine,” said Mr Quick.

Wow. He is quick. So, IE uses the Trident engine. So, he nails Microsoft. What about Mozilla, with 3 products using their engine? Or WebKit (Safari)? This guy needs a clue.

Of the 12 browsers on offer, five use the Trident rendering engine, three use Mozilla’s Gecko, two use WebKit, and one uses Opera’s Presto. Sleipnir can use either Trident or Gecko.