Same Game on Xbox, Phone and Windows

This is great. I’ve been waiting for something like this. The game can be started on your PC, then you can finish it when you load it up on your 360. Easy to program and port to other platforms. I’m sure that some gamers will complain that they lost because they were using a gamepad and their competitor was using a mouse and keyboard. I would love to play on the PC, while someone else was using an XBox. A lot of games are available for both, and it’d be nice to play with a much larger community.

It’s the same code running on all three platforms. That is, it’s a single project in Visual Studio, and the three platforms share 90% of the code, with each platform having input-specific code. In other words, the same game can run on an Xbox 360 and be controlled by a controller, on a Windows PC by a keyboard, and on a phone using the touch screen and accelerometer.