Install and Customize Windows 7 on a HP Netbook

I had the pleasure of using an HP Mini 1000 with Windows 7 last week. My Mother bought one, and immediately removed XP to put Windows 7 on it. Of course, she did it without any help or input, which is amazing. She did do a few little things that I would have done differently. The Netbook only came with 1 GB of RAM, which she needs to immediately upgrade to 2 GB, in my opinion. She installed 7 Ultimate version. That’s a bit overkill on a simple little netbook. But, it works like a dream. I was extremely impressed at the speed. I was going in with low expectations with that little CPU and only 1 GB of RAM. But, that thing flew! Even running a couple of applications (Word 2010, Firefox and Paint) it was quick and responsive.

Another awesome feat: she used the built in Windows Easy Transfer to move files over from her old laptop. Flawlessly, no errors. My Mom knows the basics of computers, and is pretty good at figuring things out. But, the way she went through the upgrade on that Mini impressed even me. Great job. If she can do it, I’m sure anyone can do it! Windows is a lot easier than people give it credit!

This article may be a week too late for her, but it has some valuable information for making the transition to Windows 7 on an HP Mini 1000 easy as apple pie.

I previously reviewed the HP Mini 1000 and not only found a lot to like, but it has become my standard traveling machine, allowing me to leave the MacBook behind, most times. It