Bing Makes Gains on Google

The search engine, and everything else company, Google is starting to lose more market share to the new Microsoft search engine, Bing. What will Google do to up the ante and get some of those converts back? Who knows… Personally, I think a lot of it is based on demographics. I know a lot of older people use Yahoo search, as it is what they know. The younger crowd uses Google, and the in-betweeners use Bing. They do share a lot of similarities, but it’s that little extra that makes people switch. Anyone can make a search engine, but it takes talent to make one that improves your daily life (maps, phone numbers, pricing, images, etc.). You aren’t just looking for sites that list the terms in the search, you’re looking for information on the terms. Search Engines have a lot of room to grow and improve, and the competition is breeding a lot of new innovation in the market.

Microsoft’s Bing online search service gained usage share in the United States for the ninth straight month in February, according to market researchers at Hitwise and comScore. Google still dominates the market, with about 68 percent of all searches. But Bing now accounts for over 10 percent of searches and, unlike with Google, its share is actually rising. (In second place, Yahoo controls about 15.7 percent of the market.)