Windows Phone Marketplace

Judging by the success of the Android and the iPhone apps, I’d wager a bet that the major selling point on the newer “phones/mini-computers” is the apps and the marketplace. There are some extremely amazing and very worthwhile applications on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the Android phones. I find something new daily. Sure, some are really dumb, but you’ll find that anywhere.

Microsoft has unveiled their Marketplace for the new Windows Phone 7 Series. I really like the look of the new UI, but I’m still waiting to see the phone in action with some killer app’s. If it’s a good enough phone, I might just drop my Android and just buy the phone out of contract. Otherwise, I’ll wait the 2 years to check it out.

The biggest chunk of eye candy we’ve seen out of Microsoft’s MIX10 event so far today has been the unveiling of the significantly-retooled Windows Phone Marketplace that’ll debut in Windows Phone 7 Series — and needless to say, it’s a looker. It’s got support for credit card purchases, operator billing, and ad-supported content — a hot topic right now with Google’s and Apple’s mobile advertising acquisitions — and a try-before-you-buy scheme not unlike Android Market’s policy.