What Were They Thinking?

We’ve all seen the Seinfeld and Gates commercials, some have seen the Family Guy promo’s. I’m not sure if you were as confused as I was as to where they were trying to go with them. I thought it was a joke, or possibly a Mac ad with a Bill Gates look a like at first. But, I have to admit: it did get our attention. May not have had the attention that Microsoft wanted, but they definitely got us to perk our ears up a bit. TechFlash tries to answer the question with an interview with David Webster, from Microsoft.

Well, mystery solved, I guess. Today I sat down for a surprisingly entertaining discussion with David Webster, the chief strategy officer in Microsoft’s central marketing group. We talked about lots of interesting and wonky tech business stuff, such as how the company is attempting to make its advertising more persistent and true-to-life, and how it’s trying to shape its overall brand image not through a broader corporate campaign but instead by aiming to project a consistent personality through the advertising for its individual products.