Windows Home Server Vail Preview

I noticed Microsoft has put up the beta for Windows Home Server, Vail. I’m downloading now to test it out, but Paul Thurrott has already tried it out. One thing is for sure, if you want an easy to use (extremely easy), cheap server that can be upgraded easily for your home or small business, Windows Home Server is it.

With the next major Windows Home Server revision, codenamed “Vail,” Microsoft’s home server solution is finally getting a major overhaul. The system is now based on the latest Windows Server version, Windows Server 2008 R2, which comes with a host of platform improvements that will directly benefit home server users. Like R2, Vail will be made available only in 64-bit form, where the current version is 32-bit code. And it will build on some of the more interesting home-based technologies that Microsoft has since introduced in Windows 7, providing what appears to be a very compelling solution for a market that, frankly, has pretty much ignored Windows Home Server thus far.