Linux vs. Windows 7: Speed

The pro-Linux guys over at Phoronix have put the recent Ubuntu 10.04 next to Windows 7 for speed tests. This should put a few arguments to rest. Sure, Linux is a great operating system, but there are some fanboys that won’t even give a single nod to Windows for anything. Glad to see some actual numbers to show that they aren’t all that much difference. I know enough, and unbiased enough to know that both operating systems have their strong points and weak points. And NO, WINE is not a solve all for Windows programs on Linux. If I wanted to use a Windows program, I’d use WINDOWS! If an operating system is a one system for all needs and usage for you, you are a fanboy. Windows, Linux, BSD, OSX, etc… My advice: Use what you want, whatever is easiest for you, and the one that gets the job done. For me, that is Windows 7. I use Mint Linux for some development uses, and I enjoy it. But, the majority of my work is done with Windows.

Well, that is part one of our Ubuntu 10.04 LTS vs. Windows 7 testing. As much as we would have liked to see Ubuntu’s Lucid Lynx handily beat Windows 7, this was not the case, but to some extent the opposite. Windows 7 in some of the tests possessed definitive leads over Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the OpenGL performance when using the proprietary ATI/AMD and NVIDIA graphics drivers, which have largely shared code-bases between Windows and Linux. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS also had its leads in some areas while in many of the tests the differences between the two operating systems were insignificant.