Wow. Just Wow. Justin Beiber and XBox

It’s bad enough this little girl thinks she can sing, but come on Microsoft. This is a bit of a stretch. Sure, she may be a popular singer for the pre-teen girls, but there are other (MANY other) ways to get the news about Project Natal out there. And I’m sure most, if not all, of the other options would fit more with the demographics that would actually BUY Project Natal and use it. Sorry, Microsoft, but this is a HUGE mistake. As much as I didn’t like Bill Gates, he made a lot better business decisions for Microsoft than this one. I’m hanging my head in shame. For those that are scared to click the link, Microsoft has partnered with Justin Beiber to promote Project Natal. Most of the people Project Natal is aimed at will NEVER attend one of those concerts.

Eager to experience Project Natal for yourself? Xbox 360 has teamed up with Justin Bieber to bring all the fun of Project Natal to the singing sensation