Dreamcast Returns on XBL

Coming soon to XBox Live Arcade: Sega Dreamcast! I’ve been a huge fan of Sega since the Master System, even buying the SegaCD and Saturn on launch day… then watched as the prices tumbled. Then I picked up a second generation SegaCD for $9.99. Oh well, I loved it. Probably one of my favorite systems of all time! Sega and Microsoft are releasing Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure first, with others to come later.

Sega announced that those two games will be available this fall in North America and Europe, calling them the “first two classics” to be released as part of Sega’s plan to republish Dreamcast games on PSN and XBLA. The games will include improved resolution, surround sound, and modern amenities like online leaderboards, Achievements, and Trophies.