Odds are Increasing that MS Could Collapse

While people have said that Microsoft is too big to fail (same with the banks, mortgage companies, etc.), these guys think that Microsoft’s cash cows are becoming obsolete with the increasing competition from the Internet applications. Google, Apple, Palm have all been competing with Microsoft for different segments. They have some solid points on some issues, but neglect the fact that many organizations aren’t going to throw away their whole infrastructure to go with a cheaper alternative. Most hardware and software is designed for Windows compatibility, telling so many developers to switch to a open architecture would be catastrophic. Sure, it would happen slowly, but I don’t see it causing Microsoft to collapse. Windows has evolved over time to become what it is. The iPad is a niche product. Sure, it has Apple’s followers grabbing it and loving it (they do the same with all Apple products, so this isn’t any different). I don’t see the iPad becoming a replacement for the low end PC. What do you think? Will the new OS from Google and the iPad dethrone Microsoft, killing Windows?

The world has changed radically in the past few years.