Windows from 1983

Talk about a blast from the past. A Windows review from 1983. Gone are the days of the 320KB floppy disks. Although, the 192KB of RAM requirement is pretty awesome! 1MB was considered a LOT back then. A great PC sporting an Intel 8088 or 8086 at 5 MHz. Windows had to fly! Especially coupled with the new MS-DOS 2.0! AWESOME! I remember running my Commodore 64 back in the day, and thought that it would be the leader in PC’s. Until 1986 rolled around, and I got my first PC. Been using them ever since!

This keeps most of us staring a the MS-DOS or CP/M command line and hoping that a sudden fall in the prices of RAM and hard disk will open the way to metaphors and mice. With the introduction of Microsoft Windows, however, the company that brought us MS-DOS promises a mouse-and-window show running off two 320K-byte floppy disks and 192K bytes of RAM. (More RAM is required, of course, with each additional application.) To make Microsoft Windows even more attractive to personal computer users, Microsoft promises to price Windows “as an operating-system component” – that is, inexpensively.