New Dynamic Theme from Microsoft’s Bing

Bing has been releasing quite a few themepacks for Windows 7, but they have now released a new theme that is dynamically changed via a RSS feed from Bing. It allows the theme to get content from the internet and display it as a background. This is very similar to Johns Background Switcher, but all contained in a single theme file, and isn’t as customizable (and doesn’t get “questionable” images!). I’ve used John’s Background Switcher for some time now, and it is a treat to have a new background image that you’ve never seen before on screen. Bing has some awesome pictures available, and this theme throws a lot of them at you, but I really like the custom ability of the type of images from John’s. It is more tailored to your interested (if you want anime, robots, food, or whatever, it’s there!).

Indeed, this is the first dynamic theme from the Redmond company, in the sense in which it is not a fixed package, with new wallpapers being accessed via the web all the time.