Microsoft to Find Best at Excel & Word

Microsoft is holding a contest to see who is the best at Microsoft Office applications Word and Excel. More than 115,000 people entered the contest, and now it’s down to 50 teens and young adults in the finals. I know a few people that are considered experts in Word or Excel (mostly Excel, and I’d go as far as to call them Excel Geniuses, rather than experts) and I’d like to see how they would stack up against the worlds “best”. I’m sure they’d give them a good run for their money, and it’d be a tossup as to who would win. [Also, pics are here]

As for the winners, each completed their exam with a perfect score and did so in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes as opposed to the allotted 50 minutes. The top finisher in each of the four categories (Word 2003, Word 2007, Excel 2003, and Excel 2007) each got a $6,500 scholarship.