Halo Reach Reaches $200M On Launch Day

As expected, Halo Reach was a hit on launch day. I don’t know if anyone expected these numbers, but WOW. It pulled $200 Million ($200,000,000) on launch day alone. The next few weeks will bring even more. I’ve never really been a Halo fan, but it does have quite the following! I’d like to pick it up just to give an unbiased review (well, I’m going in a bit negative already, but I’ll give it equal treatment!), but I’m probably going to rent it or borrow it to do so.

Spencer said the $200 million figure made “Reach” the biggest launch of any game or movie this year. “Halo 3” garnered more than $300 million globally in its first week. First-day global sales for “Halo 3” were not available.