FixWin: A multi problem fix tool for Windows

TheWindowsClub has posted another free program, this time it is FixWin, which is a GUI for fixing common problems with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Always good those users that want a quick solution for a problem. Always be sure to create a Restore Point before doing any of these automatic fixes (unless, of course, your System Restore isn’t working!).

Does your Recycle Bin not refresh correctly? Or maybe you find that for some reason your right click context menu has been disabled in Internet Explorer! Or perhaps things are not fine with your Windows Media Center and you need to flush & rebuild Windows Media Center database! Maybe you opted to be not-warned while deleting Sticky Notes and you now want the warning dialog box back! Or then perhaps, post a malware attack you find that your task manage or cmd or your Registry Editor has been disabled! Fixes for these and many more such common Windows problems are being offered here.