XBox Live Friends List to Stay At 100

Earlier today, a German site had posted that XBox Live was going to up their maximum friends count to 1000, up from 100. Major Nelson has denied that is the case, at least in the United States. We’ll see what is going on in Germany, true or false, and let you know.

The 100 friend limit on Xbox Live was mostly due to gamers who were still playing Halo 2. The original Xbox only allowed for 100 friends and that bled over into this generation. Now that online support for all original Xbox titles has ceased, we expected to see a significant change in the number of friends we can have. Hyrb says Microsoft is always looking for ways to make Xbox Live better through customer feedback, so let’s take him up on that. If you start bugging Microsoft to give you higher friend cap now, maybe it’ll be placed in the November update.