7 Ways Windows Phone 7 Is Better

Business Insider has a look and offers their opinion on why Windows Phone 7 is better than the iPhone. While I don’t really care for the iPhone, I do love Android, and both offer a lot of great features. The WP7 may be better for some, but the iPhone is still a strong competitor and to deny that would be stupid. I am sure that the iPhone is much better for a lot of people (a lot of Teenagers go for the Apple products over others, just because of the name).

Yes, but Microsoft’s making a point about Phone 7’s design, which lets you do more stuff without constantly navigating between apps. The best example is the People hub, shown here. This looks like a normal contact list, like the iPhone and every other smartphone has. But each contact’s image is automatically updated from their most recent Facebook image. Click on each one, and you get a wealth of options: you can make a call, send an e-mail or text, post on their wall, view pictures they’ve recently posted, and so on. Everything you want to do is based around that person, not locked up in different apps.