Nintendo Entertainment System: 25 Years Old

How many still have their old Nintendo Entertainment System? I know I do. Years of memories from this system, and I can still say I enjoy playing some of the games to this day (although, using an emulator). Tomorrow, October 18th, marks the 25th birthday of the United States release of the immortal NES. What memories do you have of this awesome system (other than seeing it and then buying a Sega Master System?).

On October 18, 1985, Nintendo of America officially debuted the U.S. version of its first-ever home videogame console, the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was an overhauled version of the company’s Family Computer, which had parlayed its rocky launch in Japan into a nationwide phenomenon in short order. The arrival of the NES was a stealthy attempt to defibrillate an American home gaming market that had lain dormant for nearly two years. In time, the success of the NES made Nintendo a powerhouse and confirmed that gaming was a legitimate medium rather than a passing fad.