TGDaily Spews Anti-Microsoft Drivel

TGDaily, known as a tech site with some good articles and commentary, has a new staff writer that has been going off on Microsoft using false information, as well as a very biased opinion. The first article wasn’t too bad, full of mis-information and very biased towards Apple. Their last article was basically sending insults to anyone who commented regarding their factual discrepancies, or expressed their opinion on the article. Very bad journalism, in my opinion. Microsoft isn’t perfect, and I can name 10 things that I don’t like about it. However, everything I can name I can put facts behind it, rather than calling my opinion a fact. We’ll see how this plays out. For a good laugh, check it out. Is this guy for real?!

But we are also shocked at the sudden reappearance of the Microsoft fanboi, whom the industry has long classified as a dying, if not extinct species.

Still, you have to give the Redmond worshippers credit.

Obviously, it isn’t easy defending a mercenary corporation whose primary claim to fame is a malware ridden, sub-par OS known as Windows.

UPDATE: TGDaily validated the posts, and endorses them. They do offer anyone to offer a counter point. However, it’s going to be extremely difficult to counter with the Author in question. I will be writing a piece today to counter his “thoughts”, and I will be sure to backup all of my facts with actual data.