Windows Phone 7 Review: HTC HD7

There is finally a decent, thorough review done on a Windows Phone 7. While the phone isn’t perfect, it is a lot better than the previous offerings from Microsoft, with a lot of room for improvement via third party apps, and updates from Microsoft. A great platform for just being released.

That is to say, it’s had quite a lot of wickedness added (especially compared to its forebear), but there are areas where it hasn’t quite got the idea. Some of that is inherent in the interface, which means that you’ll simply have to accept that that’s how it works; others are tweaks that can be, well, tweaked by Microsoft at some point in the future so that the overall user experience improves. It needs apps, it needs to have YouTube included, it needs copy/paste, it needs multitasking, and it needs dozens of apparently small but actually important details to be corrected to put it truly on the top level.