Microsoft’s Secret Patch: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Microsoft released a patch last Tuesday via Automatic Updates, and quickly retracted the patch. However, the damage was already done. Those with Automatic Updates set to automatically install had the patch installed, yet cannot uninstall it. How it works, or if Microsoft will release details or an uninstaller is yet to be known. For now, it doesn’t appear to hurt your PC, but it really has no purpose other than be required for a future patch.

People who view Microsoft patches with a bit of skepticism tend to distrust patches that can’t be removed, and I certainly fall into that category. Then there’s this claims to be a patch that may be required prior to installing future patches. Wuh? Why would Microsoft ship a patch in anticipation of another patch, when they could ship both patches together? So I clicked the link to the KB article — and was greeted with a 404-Not found.

I wasn’t the only one.