XBox Live Family Pack Now Available

According to Major Nelson, the XBox Live Family Pack is now available. I’ve been trying to get to the site for the past week to check the status of the family pack, but found that I keep getting the same error. Hopefully they can get this resolved today, as this is a great deal! I’m going to pick it up and go in quarters with my family to make it an even better deal. UPDATE: The site now works!

You can now get four 12-month Gold memberships for less than the price of 2 with the Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack which is now available*

In addition to being a great deal on Gold, Family Pack members enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Family Center: an easy-to-use destination accessible on Dash and to manage your family’s memberships and online settings
  • Gift Microsoft Points Allowances: give an allowance of Microsoft Points to family members
  • Activity Reports: sign into to view reports on your family’s activity on Xbox LIVE
  • Family Pack Deal: enjoy discounts on family-friendly games and more