Helping People Not Good?

Of course, Microsoft is the bad guy again. They started offering Microsoft Security Essentials as an optional update on Windows Updates ONLY if they didn’t have any antivirus software already installed. How this is a bad move for Microsoft, I’ll never know. But, you know how people are… It’s Microsoft, the evil corporation, and they are offering something to its users to help them out if they don’t have protection.

I’m disappointed but not surprised by this kind of sniping. There are many things that you could argue are optional add-ons to an operating system, but security is not one of them. Poor security has plagued Microsoft for a long time, and the buy-it-as-optional-equipment model is one of the causes. It’s as if the car alarm makers of the world wanted a law that new cars had to be sold without any sort of locks or security systems. It doesn’t make any sense.