Microsoft’s Chalk “Graffiti” Causes Problems

So, it’s a slow news day apparently, and sidewalk chalk on the streets of New York and San Francisco are making headlines. Microsoft used a sidewalk chalk campaign to advertise their new Windows Phone 7 and free concerts. It was supposed to wash off with the rain, but it still hasn’t. The City of San Francisco are angry at Microsoft, calling their actions illegal as it is considered graffiti and may face fines. Last time Microsoft did a graffiti stunt was in 2002 with the MSN butterfly and they were fined a whopping $50!

San Francisco officials reacted angrily to the “illegal” street art last week. “There was no permit issued for this, because it’s not legal,” said Christine Falvey, director of communications for the city’s Department of Public Works, who spoke to Mission Local.

“As a first step, we generally contact the company and rely on them for a cleanup. If not, we can bill them for any cleanup costs the city incurs,” said Falvey. It’s not just city officials that are angry at Microsoft’s blatant disregard for the law.