Verizon Waiting On Microsoft For Windows Phone 7

In a tweet from Verizon, they say they are waiting on Microsoft for the CDMA ready phones to add them to their arsenal. I’m waiting, as are many others for Verizon to offer a WP7 powered device. I’m glad that the WP7 is very close to being rooted so I can get rid of all the limits that are usually imposed by Verizon, crippling the devices from the get-go. Sprint is already getting ready to release their CDMA powered phone running WP7, the 7 Pro.

In a recent Tweet, the company suggested that they’re just waiting on Microsoft to deliver the OS and that they’re “excited” to offer the new platform to their customers. The waiting on Microsoft bit goes back to the unfinished work on porting the new OS to CDMA. We know Sprint is a big partner with Microsoft and that they’re getting close to launching the much anticipated 7 Pro.