Microsoft Sells AoE3 For a Dime, Runs Out of Keys

Microsoft ran a promotion yesterday to where you can get Age of Empires 3 for a dime. I already own the boxed version, well worth it, but I bought another copy for a dime so my kids could have a copy. Turns out, it was WAY more popular than previously imagined. With huge sales a few years after the release, I wonder if Age of Empires 4 looks promising, now!?

For just one day only, the software giant offered the popular real-time strategy game online for only 10 cents. The game was available on Microsoft’s Games for Windows site all day on Sunday November 21. According to a Microsoft Games for Windows spokesperson, workers were surprised at the large amount of keys allocated to the sale beforehand. “When keys were propped, they gave a rather large buffer. In fact, people were joking in the hallway on Friday about the unnecessarily large number of keys that were prepared for this sale. Then we ran out.” Another member of the Windows Live team confirmed “We knew the sale would be popular and added extra keys to accommodate before the sale started, but it exceeded even our own expectations.”