Microsoft May Make Most Improved Company 2011

Microsoft has done a lot of things right lately, from Windows 7 to IE9 to the Kinect. All have been successes. The new Windows Phone 7 is posed to be a great success as well. Some say that Microsoft and Google have switched places, and Google is now the Evil Corporation. While the whole “Hippy” evil corporations, and The Man keeps us down stuff is pretty lame, Google has been up to some unethical activity lately. Of course, there are some out there that would disagree and Microsoft will forever be the Evil ones. Apple, on the other hand, are always there to help. They do it for the hope of mankind, making zero profits…

Granted, Windows Vista had been a bit of a pig (initially), so we saw a huge delta in the more mature Windows 7 offering. Still, this product effectively killed Apple’s hitherto successful Mac vs. PC campaign because it was so good. Really, you just can’t be credible saying something sucks that worked this good.

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