Kinect Going Into Skynet

Now this is really interesting. These students have made a quadrotor flying machine using a Kinect. Very Hunter-Killer Terminator like. These Kinect hacks are getting cooler every day!

The attached Microsoft Kinect [2] delivers a point cloud to the onboard computer via the ROS [3] kinect driver, which uses the OpenKinect/Freenect [4] project’s driver for hardware access. A sample consensus algorithm [5] fits a planar model to the points on the floor, and this planar model is fed into the controller as the sensed altitude. All processing is done on the on-board 1.6 GHz Intel Atom based computer, running Linux (Ubuntu 10.04).

A VICON [6] motion capture system is used to provide the other necessary degrees of freedom (lateral and yaw) and acts as a safety backup to the Kinect altitude–in case of a dropout in the altitude reading from the Kinect data, the VICON based reading is used instead. In this video however, the safety backup was not needed.

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  1. You are right- this is amazing. Microsoft actually has an amazing produce with the Kinect! That’s evident by the hack shown above and other cool hacks like 3D drawing.

    Whats most amazing about the Kinect is how cheap its priced and its capabilities right out of the box. Pay attention to this space, Kinects gonna be doing some big things here soon.

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