Windows 8 New UI: Codenamed Wind

An Italian website has some gossip on the newest iteration of Windows. The new user interface is codenamed “Wind”, and will be a 64-bit only UI that is completely 3D. They are also reportedly moving away from the Windows NT style interface, which I would presume would be the Task Bar, Desktop feel, and Start Menu. It’s all up in the air right now, and these are only rumors. I have made the link to the story go through Google Translate for English speaking readers, for the original Italian story, you can click here.

Windows 8 will have two interfaces: the principal, whose code name isWind, will be the evolution of Windows 7 Aero Peek. Wind will initially only supported by high-end notebook and desktop PCs with dedicated video card, as it will require about 170MB of video memory, but is working to try to reduce the consumption of resources. Wind will be used only onWindows 64-Bit and 8 to be fully 3D, but still work with a normal monitor. The other interface will not be in 3D and will focus on less powerful computers and will be the only interface available on Windows 32-Bit 8